Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bell & Howell - Owner Experience Report

A friend of mine, Tucker, recently bought a 8mm Bell & Howell Super Load 363 projector on eBay. The nearly fifty year old projector came with a collection of its original documents. Among those was the 'Owner Experience Report' shown below.

The report's purpose: to see how the new owner felt about their (Bell & Howell) "efforts to satisfy your photographic needs" - pretty simple. What I love most about this form, even more then their sincere and genuine desire to make their product's experience better, is the conversational tone. Even going so far as to suggest "if you could talk with the design people, what changes in this item would you suggest to them?" Brilliant!

Of course, considering the Report was still included with the projector one has to wonder how many people actually filled it out and mailed it. I'd say even if only 5% actually sent it back, it would have been well worth it. I've encouraged Tucker to fill out the form and mail it, as the company still exists - possibly a testament to their commitment to ensure their customer's needs were being met, to see if they'd respond. If he does, I'll provide an update.

Lately I have found myself being more active at providing feedback (and not just when requested), as I want the companies and brands I interact with to know about my experience with their product/service — both the good and bad comments. After all, I know I appreciate any and all feedback I receive on the projects that I work on, so I encourage you to do the same. Just think of it as good karma.